Online Registration


Customized registration streamlined for the athlete experience

ChronoTrack Live online registration gives you the tools to easily launch a customized registration form that matches the event website as well as features to manage price phases, coupons, custom questions, donations and more. The platform provides the highest degree of scalability, security and redundancy.
  • Tools including price phases, entry limits, teams, custom questions, product questions, coupons and more.

  • Facebook & Twitter Referral Social Promotion & Tracking: Built in tracking to know which athletes are referring friends from their Facebook or Twitter networks.

  • Tools to manage on-site paperless registration from the same system

  • Race Registration Dashboard - The main dashboard provides you immediate access to view the number of athletes in your event, access key race settings, and manage your registration, athletes, access reports and more.

  • Coupons - Set up percentage or dollar off coupons for each registration choice. You can set up a single code and limit the number of uses as well as generate a sequence of codes that can be used in Groupon type promotions.

  • Social Promotions - Create custom social promotions at the end of the registration process that encourage registrants to refer friends from Facebook or Twitter. With our reports you can identify and reward those that refer registrations.

  • Donations - Easily promote and collect donations for associated causes and have access to donation reports to provide required tax documentation.

  • Registration Management - Within registration you can set up various registration choices including the price phases, age restrictions, event capacity, close dates and more.

  • Custom Questions - Manage questions and questions groups, allowing certain questions to be shown only to registration choices, age ranges or genders. Questions allow you to capture any type of data as well as sell additional products.

  • Custom Graphics - Manage your own graphics to make your form, Facebook posts, confirmation email, results pages and social promotions all match your event website.

    Download the ChronoTrack Live registration data sheet