Track & Field Services

Big River Race Management offers fully automatic photo-finish timing services for track and field events. This is the industry leading standard, and the only accepted timing practice for all major and world class events.

Fully Automatic Timing

Our fully automatic timing option features FinishLynx photo finish cameras, the industry leader in timing for track and field events. We use these FinishLynx photo-finish cameras to determine the finish places and finish times for all of the running event competitors. FinishLynx photo-finish timing systems can capture high-speed results images at up to 10,000 frames per second, with accuracy to 1/1000th of a second. With the use of a digital start signal, and digitally captured finish times, we remove all chances for human error from the equation. The power and precision of FinishLynx technology has made it the gold standard for athletics results.

Meet Management

Combined with MeetPro meet mangement software, we are equipped to meet the needs of event directors, coaches, athletes, and fans. We can enter field event results quickly, easily, paper free, and hassle free providing live results and live field standings. MeetPro is designed with the web in mind, it seamlessly integrates with DirectAthletcis and TFRRS, the Track and Field Results Reporting System. We can seed all of your events, enter results, generate reports in PDF, HTML, Text, and AP formats, and produce live results uploaded to our fully customized results webpage. We can produce live splits, live field standings, live heat sheets, and live results. Our live results platform is optimized for mobile devices allowing teammates, spectators, friends, family, neighbors, and technologically advanced grandparents to all follow along with the action.

Online Registration and Meet Seeding

Big River Race Management will set up, implement, and oversee the online registration for the meet. Once the registration has closed we will seed the meet and provide all the participating teams and coaches with a pdf copy of the heat sheets, additionally we will provide the meet host with heat sheets, field event sheets, clerking sheets, and performance lists. If the meet supplies us with official results afterwords, we will also upload the results to our fully customized results platform on, as well as upload the results into and MOMileSplit.

Live Field Event Results & Scoring

We have the option of producing live, paperless field event results. Over an available, secured internet connection we can send live field event results to our scoring solution from any cell phone, kiosk, computer, or tablet equipped to load an HTML5 compliant browser. With this service we supply all necessary staffing required to professionally run the live results and live scoring solution.

Customized Results Platform Examples

Fort Zumwalt North Invitational
14th Annual Corey Siebert Invitational
St. Louis JCC Maccabi Games